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Interested in archaeology? In Greece? Want to have a look at ancient sites? Then this is the perfect site for you to explore. In this project I present own photographs of archaeological sites and museums in Greece - plus Troy. It is not just the major well-known sites of archaeology in Greece, but also sites off the beaten track that escape the notice of most travelers. Of course, the selection reflects my own preferences and travels in more than 40 years so that regions like the Peloponnese are better covered than others. And concerning the historical periods my attention is especially drawn by cultures of the Bronze Age up to the Classical Period. But you may also find other pages here from the dawn of settlement in the Stone Age up to medieval times when Greece was occupied by alternating foreign forces. In total, there are more than 300 sites covered in this project.

archaeological sites in Greece

A few of the archaeological sites in Greece are world-famous and consequently attract many tourists. This is the acropolis in Athens, but also Delphi, Olympia, and the citadel of Mycenae. Many other organized archaeological sites are much less famous, but equally impressive. I think of e.g. Nemea, Dodona or Messene. These places are much less crowded and the entry fee is moderate. Other sites are signposted, fenced and locked so that you just get a look from some distance. And then there are the sites, signposted or not, that are not organized, have free access, and no tourists. Just to mention two of my favourites: the Mycenaean cemetery of Aidonia, and the tomb of the Genii in Mycenae. These are the sites that sometimes require some search. Looking for these Greek antique places may be an adventure, but in this way you discover some of the unknown Greece.

archaeological museums

A must-visit is of course the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, even if it requires some perseverance. In a few museums like the New Acropolis Museum photographing is prohibited, but in most museums you may take photographs without flash. In general, there are some old-fashioned museums like the Heraklion museum, but on the other hand, several archaeological museums in Greece have been refurbished and meet all modern standards. This includes my favourites in Naflio and in Tegea.

some technical notes

All rights for the photographs are reserved. However, you can use them with my written permission. As a rule I generously grant this permission and provide the photographs in color and full resolution, but I like to know where my photographs are used.

I admit that the text on the many following pages is quite short - I want the pictures to tell the stories. If you are looking for more information you can find many of the sites that I visited on the pages of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. And then there is this very outstanding site of the Mycenaean Atlas Project by Robert Consoli (where also a few of my photographs appear). It specializes on Bronze Age sites with a wealth of information, but you can also find the locations of incredibly many other sites there as well.

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Aidonia chamber tombs
Mycenaean chamber tombs at Aidonia


Mycenae tomb
Tomb of the Genii, Mycenae


Nemea temple
Temple of Zeus, Nemea


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